About us


Clear cuts, graphic shapes and striking individuality... Hairdressers wield special powers. A single wrong cut can wreak a person's self-confidence, while the right approach will strengthen it and give the person a sound feeling of self-worth. So, be daring, be bold, but most of all - be free!

 There is no universal haircut and therefore no single style that could fit all. The differences might be minor, but still we prefer having an individual approach. At the Matjaž Salon, we stand by the belief that only a balanced combination of technical skill, sense of harmony, looks and colour, combined with the right approach and rapport, can lead to satisfying results. From choosing the right cut and the most suitable style, from cutting to dyeing, we constantly strive to achieve the most customised outcome.

Our employees participate in regular training seminars gathering knowledge about new trends, dyeing techniques and technical approaches, while also drawing inspiration for their own creativity and new ideas.

We are strongly committed to the health of our customers, their hair and our environment and therefore only use natural products with no sulphides, parabens, phthalates, gluten, PABA, DEA or TEA that were not tested on animals and come in biodegradable packaging. In addition to indulging our customers with Ayurvedic scalp massage, we also offer guidance and tips on natural ways to preserve the health of your hair and your scalp.

Matjaž Cej
MATJAŽ CEJ | Creative director
VERONIKA ERZETIČ | Senior stylist
JAŠA CEJ | Stylist & barber
Cassie Kagen
CASSIE KAGEN | Senior stylist


The Matjaž Salon opened in 1995 on the backdrop of a long-standing family tradition ranging back to the Sixties. The world of fashion attracted me ever since I can remember and I cannot refrain from following the latest trends in fashion. Although drawing on a rich family tradition, we want to ensure all our employees are involved in on-going professional upskilling, while also caring for the training of young hairdressers. After moving to the city centre in 2008, we became an unmissable part of the urban landscape.